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We see our role in U.S. Private Equity in terms of a much larger purpose than simply the brands and products our portfolio companies sell. 

We believe in an “And, And” model, which means we both make money and do good. Here’s how we do it.


Doing Well By Doing Good

Unlike most firms, we have a solid moral compass - a “True North” that is non-negotiable in good times and bad.  The values and purposes we stand for are:  

  • Supporting the Communities which Sustain Us

Companies can no longer stand around as innocent bystanders to what’s happening around them. We are committed to embracing responsibility and ensuring we do our part to benefit the wider communities which sustain us.  

  • Changing Lives 

We are here to positively impact the lives of our employees and the wider communities we serve.  Creating value should never be at the expense of the people at the heart of the business.

  • Focus on Alignment & Intrinsic Value in our Diligence

We ensure we represent broader factors than traditional private equity in our decision-making process when evaluating potential acquisitions.  We believe it’s the right thing to do.

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